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Transforming Tourism for a Regenerative Future

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Tourism Beyond the Obvious

Imagine a world where tourism is a transformative force, generating positive impact on society and the economy while preserving the environment and valuing local communities. We work to change the perception of tourism within the context of a global interdisciplinary agenda, committed and continuous, giving it the role of a catalytic and progressive instrument for social change, both from the visitor’s perspective and that of the destination and its community.

The Role of Tourism in the World


Economic prosperity


Appreciation of ancestral cultures


Social empowerment


Protection and recognition of natural heritage


Valorization and promotion of cultural heritage and diversity


Socio-environmental development


Protection of communities


Promotion of the creative economy


Well-being, leisure, and health


Protection of seas and rivers


Opportunities for vulnerable communities


Conservation of biodiversity


Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage


Racial, religious, and cultural diversity and inclusion

Objectives of the Aupaba Institute

  • Defend and highlight regenerative practices, respecting the transversality and diversity of the sector.
  • Promote and value experiences for visitors and productive chains in different territories whose purposes and values are convergent.
  • Empower, stimulate, and prepare communities, professionals, and institutions to provide value to visitors.
  • Support, measure, and propose structural changes to ensure high-impact and long-term results.
Tourism creates emotional memories that impact people throughout their lives.
Instituto Aupaba Turismo Regenerativo ODS
Tourism has transformative, educational, and regenerative potential, expanding individuals' culture.
Tourism breaks physical and temporal barriers and can benefit from the metaverse for various educational, economic, and recreational actions.
It is the sector that promotes social inclusion, cultural diversity, and diversity in religion and gender.
Instituto Aupaba Turismo Regenerativo
Tourism brings people closer to important causes in a playful context.

Why Invest in Tourism Projects?

Our Mission

To contribute to making tourism a tool for social and economic transformation, consciously and responsibly, preserving natural and cultural heritage and promoting actions for the continuous development and regeneration of local communities.

Our Vision

To be a reference in sustainable and regenerative tourism, promoting actions and projects that generate social and economic transformation in all territories where natural and cultural heritage needs to be preserved, considering global tourism trends. We aim to raise awareness and engage an increasing number of individuals, companies, and institutions in favor of more conscious and responsible tourism.

Tourism and the SDGs

Tourism plays a fundamental role in the implementation of the UN’s 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as one of the world’s largest industries with significant potential to generate employment, reduce poverty, and promote social and economic equality.

Moreover, tourism can help protect the environment, preserve cultural heritage, and strengthen global partnerships for sustainable development. By adopting sustainable practices such as responsible management of natural resources, promotion of local culture, and community engagement, the tourism sector can significantly contribute to achieving the SDGs and creating a fairer and more balanced world for present and future generations.

ODS Objetivos Desenvolvimento Sustentavel

Our Activities

We develop education, engagement, and research projects to promote sustainable and regenerative tourism, such as:

  • Cultural, environmental, educational, and well-being projects associated with tourism and leisure.
  • Dialogue and interaction with government and non-governmental entities, both national and international.
  • Promotion and dissemination of territories and their economic and cultural vocations.
  • Awareness campaigns.
  • Development and execution of strategic plans.
  • Capacity building. Support for certification processes.
  • Development of specialized tourist itineraries and project applications.

Performance Evaluation Tools

  • Economic impact: measuring the tourism’s impact on the local economy, including the number of jobs created and revenue generated.

  • Social impact: assessing the tourism’s impact on local communities, including community satisfaction with tourism, preservation of cultural values and traditions, and social inclusion.

  • Environmental impact: measuring the tourism’s impact on the environment, including the conservation of natural resources and reduction of carbon emissions.

  • Certifications and standards: evaluating compliance with regenerative tourism certifications and standards, as well as improvements implemented over time.

Who We Work With

  • Governmental and non-governmental entities that perceive tourism as a transformative instrument regardless of their primary area of operation.
  • Companies and institutions that wish to work with tourism and diversify their offerings.
  • Companies and individuals working with tourism who want to provide more value and purpose to their clients.
  • Visitors who want to make conscious decisions about destinations and tourism companies.
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